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Digital Marketing vs Traditional Marketing

Digital Marketing or Traditional Marketing, which is better for your business

We now live in 2019, and there are going to be a lot of people who would have no clue as to what the Traditional Marketing’s scope is, i.e, the areas it covers. The debate of Digital Marketing vs Traditional Marketing and as to which one of these is a better option has been going on from a very long time.

Businesses today do a lot of market research in order to find out where they should spend their marketing budget.

By gaining clarity on the digital marketing vs traditional marketing concept, they can appropriately allocate their marketing budget and understand what could help their business more.


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What is the Digital medium?

We live in a Digital age and everything around us is mostly digital. People these days go online for everything. Literally!

Whether they want to buy clothes, look for places to eat, plan their next trip,etc you name it, everything happens online.

Digital Marketing is the new age marketing technique. There are various means of digital marketing, few of which are: 

1. E-mail marketing 

2. Social Media marketing

3. Google Ads

4. Blogs, etc

Traditional Marketing however is fading. It is said that in the next 10 years, Newspapers will only be a part of the past. Number of television users too have come down with the introduction of Netflix and amazon prime video. Radio has already become a thing of the past.

Benefits of Digital Marketing over Traditional Marketing

There are many obvious reasons as to why we are seeing this shift from traditional marketing to digital marketing. Some of the reasons are:
1. Cost
Without a doubt, Traditional marketing is VERY EXPENSIVE when compared to digital marketing. Television ads can go as high as 2.3 lakh INR for one second. Billboards too are super expensive.
In this 21st Century, time is money and hence Traditional Marketing loses its scope because of its cost.

Digital Marketing can help us give a very segmented reach and help us filter out our target market easily. Traditional marketing does not have the option of segmenting at all.

3. Engagement
With Digital Marketing, we can interact and engage with our audience instantly. This is not possible in traditional marketing as everything takes time in it and communication is a slow process.

A digital marketing campaign can be customised and changed midway through the campaign, if we feel that there is a need for it. This however is not possible in any way in traditional marketing due to obvious reasons.

5.International Targetting
Through digital marketing, it has never been this easier and cheaper before to market our product internationally. Traditional Marketing for international market has been impossible considering its rates. But, with the advent of digital marketing, it has been possible.

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